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Preperation stage

  • Destination and venue search
  • Budgetted venue offers
  • Pre-budgetting for overall cost due to selected venue/destination
  • The preparation stage
  • Visa support
  • Registration collect and follow-up
  • Flight bookings
  • Social activities (tour, out-dinner, cruise, dinner cruise) bookings
  • Technical equipments and interpration system bookings
  • Budget control
  • Folder and handout preparation (nametags, table tags, copies)
  • Reservations follow-up

The event stage

  • Coordination and information desk for logistics with Professional event planners
  • Welcome of all guests at the airport and transfer by comfortable vehicles
  • Follow-up of the event flow
  • Technical support
  • Assistance to all guests for their on spot demands
  • Organize the transfer back to airport by comfortable vehicles

The final stage

  • Itemized finance report